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How To Create Home Inventory Using ReeLine

Pranatahouse.com - 04/04/2022

How To Create Your Home Inventory

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Creating inventory for a house could be helpful especially when we are looking for something. By having an app to save all the location of item in the house will help us doing ‘lost and found’ thing.

So here is the step to start your house invetory with ReeLine.

  1. Change ReeLine settings to always start the acitivity form in detail mode. Tap Settings on the home page then go to Activity tab. Make sure to uncheck the option ‘Use simple form’.
  2. Star by record all your recent purchase for the house and make sure to take picture of all items.
  3. There are two options to save the items.
    • You can save all items in a room/location at once. It means there will be one record for all item in a room/location. This could be useful for generic information purpose like the location of your item.
    • Or you can save each item in a separate record, one record one item with their room/location. If you like to have detail information for each item this will be the best option, because we can add status information for each item.
  4. Make sure to take pictures of all items you saved.
  5. Other things to consider like time for maintenance or service and also reminder for expired items.
  6. Keep all the data up to date to recent status or location.

It can take some time to do all the steps above, if you fell overwhelmed take a break and do it again when you feel refreshed.

Below are the list to help you remember things you might need to be recorded.

  1. Appliances like microwave, stove, fridge or dishwasher.
  2. Music instruments.
  3. Items in storage.
  4. Electronics like TV, sound system or gaming system.

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