ReeLine: Daily Finance version 45

ReeLine is a manager app to help you deal with your days. You can record all your transactions with payment information in it, create shopping list or todo list, save all your lovely places, track your expense, create invoices, personal wishlist or diary and many more.

– Add password to secure access to web version.
– Add web access feature when using the same wifi connection. Enable on Manage > Web Access. Currently only support viewing and adding new transaction for income or expense.
– Upgrade library and UI.
– Redesign input form.
– Redesign UX on notes and todos categories.
– Redesign UX on maps.
– Add map view type selection.
– Redesign dashboard ui, profile and search page.
– Added footer toolbar to access home, calendar, summary, manage, and setup page.
– Show different price color for income and expense in history and timeline.
– Integrate recommendations into new transaction dialog page.
– Add a dialog helper for total, category, and account selection to expedite the transaction entry in a simple form input.
– Redesign security PIN dialog.
– Redesign settings page.
– Bugs fixing and performance improvements.


Record transaction instantly
Right after install you can directly start creating your transaction without the need of creating your inventory in the first place.

Your data is yours
None of your data except account information (if you are registered) are saved in our server. All of your data like transaction, notes, todos, images, files and others, are saved locally on your device.

You can share every record that you create. If it is for your home or small store, this could be something like invoice to your client.

ReeLine come with budgeting feature to help you control your expenses or reach your target.

You can create report for all your transactions. It can generate in XLSX, CSV and PDF format. (version 38+)

More features:
– Attaching files in a transaction like receipts or images (version 12.4+).
– Add ability to get text from image or camera (version 39+).
– Add multiple statuses for a transaction (version 30+).
– Add multiple payment transaction (version 24+).
– Barcode scanner for all new or existing items (version 12.9+).
– Currency convertion support (version 22+).
– Set item’s expired date in transactions (version 19.8+).
– Skip count option for uncountable items (version 24.0.1+).
– Write your private status/journal/diary activity.

– Add template for transactions or todos for faster input (version 29+).
– Add ability to save a activity as template (version 34+).
– Add ability to edit or delete a template (version 36+).
– Add ability to select existing template and append all information from the template to current edited transaction (version 39+).

Auto Save/Drafts
– All your transaction now will have a auto save draft feature (version 33+).
– Add auto save for last page session (version 37+).

Shopping List/Grocery List
– Add shoping list/grocery list feature (version 32+).

– All incomplete tasks can no be accessed from To-Do menu (version 25+).
– Create daily todo list like things to prepare on the site (version 11.4.5+).
– Search for completed/on going To-Do’s from advanced search page (version 42+).

Receipt or Invoice Scanner
This feature will help you to scan and grab all text in your invoice or receipt and save it to current transaction (version 39+). Currently the scanner language only support for Indonesia, English, and Hindi language. Enable this feature from Settings > Activity > Enable image to text scanner, and select the language to use. Access the feature from textual input when entering transactions or tap Scan on dashboard to open camera scanner directly.

– Add category properties (version 28+).
– Add options to format category as to-do, transaction or plain (version 29+).
– Add budget/limit option to expense categories (version 34+).
– Add target option to income categories (version 34+).
– Better category manager (with icon and color) (version 19.5+).
– Summary chart for each category in Categories menu (version 12.8.3+).

– Add image to items (version 12.7.5+).
– Auto reminder for items (version 12.3+).
– All item transaction in item properties (version 22.1+).
– Manage all items from Items menu (version 27+).
– Add ability to add items to transactions using plain text input with commonly used items format in a receipt or invoice.
– The plain text input also support suggestions to help input item faster from existing item list (version 40+).

– Calendar menu to show all income and expense summary daily and monthly (version 23.1+).
– Daily’s total for all financial category (version 12.1.9+).
– History of all income and expense (version 19.6+).
– Summary for all income/expense category.
– Summary for monthly income and expense for each items and all transactions (version 19.7+).

Dashboard & Timeline
– Ability to group all daily activities in timeline (version 19.2+).
– Add dashboard as home page (version 34+).
– Add search option for payment status (version 23.2+).
– Delivery information for online shopping/transaction (version 19+).
– Initial balance setup (version 22.1+).
– Merge offline and online timeline into a single timeline (version 20+).
– Redo a previous transaction or activity.
– Share your transaction or todo list to your clients or friends (version 12.2+).
– Show monthly income/outcome summary on timeline (version 19.5+).
– Show recent payments saldo in Dashboard (version 34+).

– Manage all saved places from Places menu (version 26+).
– Map view to select location (version 13.1.1+).

– Recommendation for transaction based on your history in nearby locations (version 31+).

– Add item tags manager (version 34+).
– Add share output in PDF and plain PDF format (version 23.2+).
– Add status board manager (version 34+).
– Cloud backup using Google Drive Account (version 21+).
– Import data from money calculator (version 12.7.1+).
– Integrated image viewer (version 12.4+).
– Using PIN to secure App (version 30+).
– Using ReeLine directly without login / register (version 23+).


ReeLine for Android 5.0+.


ReeLine for Android-x86 5.0+.


Install from Google Play Store or Galaxy Store.

Get it on Google Play Available on Galaxy Store

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